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Advantages & Benefits


The Hughie Sink is a unique product. Simple and easy to use, it captures water in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, and enables every family member to reuse the water directly on favorite areas of the garden.

Lightweight, less than 2 pounds empty, holding up to 1.8 gallons when full, the Hughie Sink is easily manageable by children and seniors alike.

With a low purchase price, and no installation required, the Hughie Sink is one of the most inexpensive methods of reusing water.

Unlike regular buckets, the Hughie sink will not crack, and is easy to carry, without sloshing water on the floor. With the special drain grate, you can even take the vegetable peelings with water into the garden, water your plants and then tip the peelings into your garden compost!


Clearly the major benefit is saving water, inexpensively, for reuse on your favorite garden areas.

However, a less obvious benefit which is even more important, is the Hughie Sink teaches everyone in the family the value of water.

Soon everyone in the family starts to use less water; shorter showers, turning off the faucet when brushing teeth, hand watering instead of running the irrigation system non-stop.

Apart from saving water and helping the environment, you will start saving money the day you put the Hughie Sink to use.

Environmentally, you aren't just saving water in the house, you are:

  • Reducing strain on state / local water resources
  • Reducing pollutants such as Phosphates reaching our rivers, lakes, reefs & rainforests
  • Saving water around the home, office and outdoors
  • Educating your family and friends about the value of water
  • Encouraging children to understand how easy it can be to be make a difference in our world