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The whole family can get involved and save water with the hughie sink.  With its light weight design and sturdy handle, the hughie sink is used by children, the elderly and even Dad will find a use around the garden or boat!

  • Inexpensive way to reuse water, with no plumbing required

  • Will fit the average sink

  • Light weight design, durable & sturdy

  • Environmentally friendly (recycled material)

  • Range of stylist colours

  • Safe to use by the entire family

  • No installation costs

  • Regulated water release

  • Ergonomically designed with fold away handles

  • Easy to clean with no ongoing maintenance required

  • Portable and stand alone


Our family uses the hughie sink in the shower to capture this water and reuse around the garden. As a part of the wonderful easy to use design of the hughie sink, including the plug and pourer, you will be able to release water in a regulated manner to water plants.

A special feature that the plug allows is should you have water in a laundry or bath tub, remove the plug and push the hughie sink down into the water.

When the hughie sink is full, replace the plug back into the liner, lift out the water and carry it to your plants, just another tip for saving water using hughie.

Extensive research and development has been undertaken to ensure the hughie sink compliments your décor around the home.

Our exclusive range of products come in a variety of colours to choose from and is made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic.