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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Size of the Hughie Sink?

The Hughie Sink will fit most kitchen sinks - our measurements for the Bowl are:

  • 13" long,
  • 10.7" wide,
  • 4.7" deep
  • and the outer rim is 17.3" x 15" and sits on top of sink.

How much water does the Hughie Sink hold?

The average volume of water is between 1 and 1.8 (maximum) Gallons, subject to use and how full you would like the Hughie while you carry it outdors.

Is Graywater better for some plants that others?

In general, water from washing / peeling vegetables, the bath or shower can be used on any plant, as the water is usually pH neutral, and the soaps do not create issues.

Laundry water from a washing machine can be highly alkaline in the first rinse cycles - this water should not be applied to the same plants over and over as damage could occur. Go to www.thegreywaterguide.com for a detailed explanation of the effects of laundry water applied in a concentrated manner.

Naturally, stay clear of toxic cleaning products such as boron based cleaners - not only are they bad for your garden, they may be bad for your family.

Can I reuse graywater on my fruit and vegetable plants and trees?

Subject to local regulations, in most areas graywater can be used, where the water cannot come into contact with the edible parts of the fruit and vegetables.

In many countries graywater can be used in any situation for food production as long as the food is washed before preparation (if eaten raw) or is going to be cooked.

Think about what goes into a good soil for food production - Chicken droppings, blood and bone, decaying vegetables (from the compost heap) etc. Add to this pesticides, herbicides from commercial growing operations and then compare with the contaminants from your home grown graywater.

If you would like to read a practical guide for graywater "do's and don'ts" in detail (there is over 60 pages of free information, from basic collection through to advanced irrigation), go to www.thegreywaterguide.com

My State / City / County does not allow kitchen waste water to be reused - Can I still use the Hughie Sink in the Kitchen?

Yes, but only for collecting water from the faucet, or for cleaning vegetables.

  • Water that has been used to simply wash vegetables, and has NOT entered the waste pipe is NOT graywater.
  • The issue with kitchen sink graywater is primarily oil and fats and micro-organisms generated from non-vegetable food preparation and cooking.
  • Even if your State allows contaminated kitchen water to be reused, this water should pass through a grease inteceptor before use on soils. Otherwise, a layer can be formed on the soil preventing air movement.

My State / City / County does not allow graywater reuse at all - Can I still use the Hughie Sink to save water?

Yes, just apply some basic rules.

  • Do not use the Hughie Sink to capture water already used in a bath or shower (it's fine to catch water while the shower or bath water is warming).
  • Do not use the hughie to wash dishes and pans that have been used for cooking or food service. It is still ok to re-use water that has been used for washing fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not use the Hughie Sink for reusing water from the laundry.
  • DO talk to your local and state officials and ask why graywater reuse is not yet permitted. Water is an extremely important resource that should not be wasted. Graywater is successfully used in many US states as well as countries around the world without health issues.