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Increase your Green Business

Does your business provide a green service to your customers?

The Hughie Sink is a low cost water saving product that becomes part of your customer's daily life.

Many businesses use the Hughie Sink as a 'Thank You' promotional item, recognizing the long term value for the customer and reminding the customer every day of the relationship you have established.

Examples of Businesses that have used the Hughie Sink as a promotional item:

Green Home Builders:   

What better way to show your credentials in green building and commitment to sustainable living. Supply your sales collateral in a Hughie Sink during your in-home sales consultation.

Green Home Cleaning:  

Reward your customer when they contract your services. In addition to using environmentally friendly cleaning products, encourage your clients to live even more sustainably. They will thank you for it!

Garden Nuseries:  

Thank your customers for their purchase of trees and shrubs, especially if you are providing planting services. Combine the Hughie Sink with other products such as water crystals.


Demonstrate your awareness of the simple techniques that can be used to live a more sustainable life. The Hughie Sink is a fantastic product which will be used straight away, increasing receptiveness to sustainability practices while the new home is in the design process.


Encourage your customer to be active in the growing of their garden. Provide a free Hughie Sink as a sign-up incentive or as a thank you for re-signing.


Everyone needs a plumber - how do you stand out from the rest? In addition to provide a great service to your customers, provide a free Hughie Sink to encourage water conservation. Plumbers who have done this found extra work soon arrived - fixing leaky faucets, installing water efficient appliances etc.

Pool Cleaners:  

Build a water saving relationship with your clients by providing a free Hughie Sink, so they can re-use water on their garden. In addition to thanking you for your environmental awareness, the customer will be more likely to agree with pool covers and anti-evaporation treatments. Nothing teaches the value of water like a Hughie Sink!

The wholesale price of Hughie Sinks is surprisingly affordable, and will repay your investment many times over:

  • Establish a relationship with your customer, not just a sale;
  • Increase customer referrals;
  • Prove your commitment to sustainability.

Contact us to discuss how the Hughie Sink can help your Green Business.