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Water Conservation Programs

People don't just save water with a Hughie, they quickly learn the value of water and increase their conservation habits.

The Hughie Sink is so versatile and easy to use - using the Hughie becomes a way of life.

This day to day living experience also leads to a general decrease in per person water consumption in other areas as well - shorter showers, turning off the faucet while cleaning teeth, less garden irrigation etc.

Because the Hughie Sink is inexpensive, and significant lifestyle change is achieved, the Hughie Sink is extremely popular with water purveyors.

Examples of successful community based offerings include:

  • Buying in volume and passing on product and shipping savings direct to customers;

  • Subsidizing purchase price as part of an ongoing conservation awareness program;

  • Providing an inducement for 'buying' a home conservation audit.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the many ways in which Hughies (or any of our other water saving products and guides) can assist your outreach program.